Dash and Dot for Kinders


Image from http://www.tech-fairy.com

Hello Everyone,

Last week, I had such an amazing thing happen. Both my Donors Choose projects were fully funded. Bringing Ozobots, LEGOs and a 3D Printer (still waiting on it) to be brought to my students for STEAM. In the last couple of days, I have seen my students come to life with our new tools and having them bring new innovation to their learning and understanding. Well, I was working with my Kinders and something very interesting happened. They had a problem with coding with their Spheros and Ozobots. Not because of the ability to code, but due to the size. That’s when I had to jump into action to bring coding and robotics to my Kinders with their new LEGOs.

Less than half of our students have access to technology at home and are eager for any opportunities at school to use technology and the Internet. My goal is to provide tech experiences to our Kindergarten to promote 21st century learning and skills. Dash & Dot are a great tool to be used with Kinders to introduce coding and PBL and align with Common Core. Dash & Dot will encourage my students to think at a deeper level! They would be able to create dialogue between two characters in the story and write a code to navigate the conversation and the story structure. Dash & Dot can be tailored by various tools such as LEGOs and more. Dash & Dot instrumental in teaching students empathy, cooperative play, teamwork, patience, resilience, persistence, and taking risks. My students will begin to discover and cultivate their creativity as they begin to apply their unique gifts and talents and allow them to become the innovators and global leaders of tomorrow with the stories they will be able to create and tell.

So, please help bring Dash and Dot to my Kinders for 2017. It will mean so much to them.



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