Teaching Code with Superhero LEGO Game


The other day, I was looking through my PBL and I came across a way to teach students basic coding with LEGO and super hero action figures. My son, Tyler saw what I was looking at and wanted to build with his LEGO table set upstairs. When I told him how the game works he said they needed the super heroes fight the supervillains and the two of us created a fun game you can use with your students to teach coding.

1.  img_4191The set up for the game is simple, using either a LEGO Table or set of LEGOs, create a four piece color coded came board. Two sides are suppose to be the superhero side, the other two are the super villain. One of the super villain sides has to house the “loot” and the superheroes have to infiltrate the super villain hideouts and retrieve the loot without the super villains stopping them.

2. fullsizerender-4Using post-it, pieces of paper, ect. The super hero sides have to write down directions that their superhero must go to retrieve the loot. Earlier elementary students get one turn to do three pieces of code. Up, Down, Left, Right, Stop, Turn Around. They cannot hit any obstacles when they move or their turn automatically ends.

img_41923. The Supervillains side has two tasks. The first supervillain is able to move just like the heros and their mission is to keep the hero from retrieving the loot. If they tag a hero that player is automatically sent back to their start position. The second villain is allowed to do two options. They can move the loot on their turn to either supervillain zone, or they can also try to stop the superheroes from reaching the loot. They also can only move by selecting the correct code on their turns, but each of their turns are allowed to do four pieces of code instead of three.

img_41954. The object is for a superhero to retrieve the loot back to their zone and then capture one of the supervillains after they have retrieved the loot. The first to do this wins. This designed to not only teach students coding, but also work on strategy, PBL and use critical thinking skills. It’s very easy to set up on a Dollar Store Budget and can be easily scaffolded to the next skills of coding with a desktop or mobile app and used with Sphero, Ozobot, Dot & Dash and Cubicks. Try to set yours up today or use it for Hour of Code and have fun.


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