Blind Kahoot for Epilepsy Awareness

I have been using Kahoot for a few years now, I love how it engages the students and can work as such a great assessment and exit ticket for students and teachers. However, a new type of Kahoot has caught on recently. Blind Kahoot. While many people create and play kahoots for review, formative assessment or to re-energise the class, kahoots designed to teach take Kahoot!’ing to a whole new level. Using Kahoot! as an instructional tool takes some careful planning and a solid understanding of your learners, but it’s by far the most powerful way to use the platform. Blind kahoots are designed to give every learner a chance to feel success and motivation throughout the game, and with long lasting effects.

In a single game, you’ll be sparking curiosity about the new topic, laying the foundations for understanding increasingly complex concepts, and giving learners the opportunity to immediately and successfully apply their knowledge. The step by step is located here. Many students do not know what Epilepsy is or how to handle someone who has it. Blind Kahoot is a great way to teach this. The first is to do a standard review on the facts of Epilepsy and then do a Kahoot on it. After that, do the same set up for a Blind Kahoot with seizure types, famous people who have Epilepsy, types of support groups and so forth. You can learn more ways to use Blind Kahoots on their website and start using them today.


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