Ozobot Seizure Model


November is Epilepsy Awareness Month and this weekend, Barnes & Noble will be doing a STEM preview of the new Ozobot Evo. For those who don’t know, Ozobots are the smallest programable drone around. They can be synched with any device from iPad to personal PC as long as there is a bluetooth connection. The new Ozobot Evos are a buddy type that can talk to each other and be coded together. Late last spring, I was at a school that used Ozobots to show how circulation works in the heart and another one how how a stroke can occur in the brain. It gave a more up close and personal look at just how the body works thanks to Ozobots. Since this is Epilepsy Awareness Month and the key to raising awareness is to educate others on what Epilepsy is both the truths and the myths.

I created this model of the human brain an a complex partial seizure, the same type that my wife suffers from. The Ozobots are coded to react to the color pattern in the part of the brain to show how a complex partial seizure acts. This can be used to show how seizures functioned and why they are so disrupted to the nervous system. Another step would be using Ozobots Evos new coding so a student could create how normal brain activity is and then what happens when a seizure occurs. Showing an almost 3D version of what can trigger a seizure and show how the brain reacts to it.

This is a very simple coding project and Epilepsy lesson that can be taught using simple coding and educating at the same time. It doesn’t have to be about seizures, with Ozobots you can show how the brain works with different parts of the body, you can even show visually how dyslexia works. It’s a very telling tale of how the body works and how to stay healthy.


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