Putting a little STREAM into your classroom

The last few days I have been working on a set of images using Adobe Draw on my iPad. Taking a note from Tony Vincent‘s making your own Clipart and from Quinn Rollins Play like a Pirate I decided to combine them along with Julie Smith’s Master the Media and some of Michael Matera’s eXPlore like a Pirate. (Yes, I made these first for a reason).

I have recently started teaching STEAM (science, technology, art and mathematics) for all grade levels. Last quarter I was introducing how to use desktop and mobile devices and allowing students to express their creativity with Perler Beads and using Adobe Spark. Currently, I’m focusing a little bit more on engineering and mathematics with using Google Drawings, Sphero Bridge Building and LEGO stories with Seesaw and Google Classroom. Next quarter I am teaching App Smashing using various Apps to create projects and lessons with my students and bringing a little bit more of Reading into the classroom to create STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, art and mathematics).

The project were are going to do in grades k-2 with iPads is have them create a story cover using Adobe Draw. They have to draw the cover and a few standouts from the book like I did above. From there, they have to draw the characters with the standouts like a narrator. I chose a Pop Funko for Play like a Pirate, based off Quinn’s action figure lesson/project. The Pirate Link for eXPlore like a Pirate and then social media tabs for Master the Media. Students are then to take parts of the book they love (LEGOS, games, characters) and then make a game on it. It can be anything from simple trivia to playing cards. They then have to use other Apps to make the games and this can go from using the drawing tools in Seesaw or making a Stick Around Puzzle, Up in Pieces, ect.

From there, they do a final presentation of the their Book Games Report and how they can use them in the classroom. I’m doing the same with grades 3-5, but it will be in a HyperDocs Smashbook type using Google Drawings, Flippity and Google Classroom. This is to teach not only lesson designs, but also: digital citizenship, gamification, student lead lessons and PBL design. The k-2 lessons are designed to work also with motor skills and Gesture Theories since they have to physically create their digital media with their hands and styluses.

I’m also planning a complete digital book based on all 20 Burgess Consulting Company books and stand out lessons I have done. I hope to have this finished by the end of winter break just in time for 3rd Quarter STEAM. Try these lessons out and let me know what you think.


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