Fun with Magnetic Poetry


This past weekend, I attended Edcamp Chicago and one of my sessions I proposed was Unlocking the Magic of Google Drawings and we created some Magnetic Poetry. Originally, Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning came up with the idea for some Halloween Magnetic Poetry. I lead a collaborative Magnetic Poetry during my session, which I am planning to do with my students later this week. It’s pretty simple to do, first create your template in Google Drawings. I used a slide from Slides Carnival and made it my background.

I then added my Halloween Bigmojis to give it a more spooky feeling and then leaving the Google Drawings open to editing let everyone add in their words. Once the activity was over, I closed off the opening editing feature and made it so I could share the link so others could make a copy and then create their own Halloween Magnetic Poetry from it. Now, this works great for Google Drawings and GSuite Edu, but what about IOS?

img_3191Everyone knows I love using Stick Around and you can make some awesome magnetic poetry using it. First you set your background using a CC or your own background. Since I decided to stick with Halloween, I set this owl and jack-o-lantern background. From there I used the text stickers to make up my various words. I left them orange and then resized the stickers depending on the length of the words. I then make the answer key the entire board and then export it. Using either a QR Code or hyperlink, students can download the puzzle and create their poetry and then save the results to their iPad and then turn in their finished poetry.

Stick Around Magnetic Poetry

The same can be done with Explain Everything, but along the lines of Google Drawings. Using the collaboration ability with Explain Everything. Students create their words together. They then share the final xsl files and not only can they make their poetry with the stickers. They can then build a story around it. Think about making a poem about the rain and you have the words forming and the clouds forming at the same time to make a little poetry movie or as I call it: STEAMovies. The same can be done using where you can create a Google Form for students to add one word and then using img_3195Flippity with the Google Sheet with the form respondses to get random words to turn into a poem. It’s a fun way to get creative with words and give students the opportunity to make their own stories. Give it a try today.


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