Using Bitmoji in the Classroom


Bitmoji is a avatar creation resource that can be used from messenger to gmail. Hard to believe it’s been almost three and a half years since I discovered Bitstrips, which was the predecessor to Bitmoji. A firm believer with Comics in the Classroom, I use to use Bitstrips for several of my posters, presentations and even my facebook status. Since 2013, they have grown into a widely use creation tool that are now being used by teachers and students much like emojis or stickers. Here are a few ideas on how to use them in your classroom.

  1. cu10-xxxyaa6eyjSharing your contacts. I found many educators who use Bitmoji to create a contact sharing posters. It’s pretty simple, after you have made your avatar one of the default images is you inside a Geotag. Using anything from Google Docs to the IOS Photo App, you can overlay the image with your social networks. In my case I used Adobe Spark to create my social network posters for my future sessions. It’s a great little App Smash that grabs your audience’s attention.
  2. 9043 Alice Keeler recently shared Matthew Farber from Gamify your Classroom where student projects were completed in Bitmoji. You can do this many ways such as telling the story of the Boston Tea party to the main points of a book report. Please check out the post for more ideas.
  3. lego-steam-seesawI teach STEAM classes for my school and something that grabs my students’ attention is using Bitmoji on some of my slides. Bitmoji can be great as not only an attention grabber, but it helps to tell the story of my presentations betters. Trust me, kindergarten will look at the rules for using LEGO a bit better with a Bitmoji saying they are good rules to follow.


These are only a few suggestions on using Bitmoji with your classroom. Give a try.




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