Building STEAM with LEGO



Hello Everyone,


I know, two blog posts in the last three days, I must be catching up on my posts. Anyhow, I wanted to share my second Donors choose Project, Building STEAM with LEGO. As many know, I launched my first Donors Choose almost a month ago, and I’m 25% funded and even getting several votes thanks to Limeades for Learning. A few months ago, I was reading Play like a Pirate by Quinn Rollins and my love of LEGO was reawaken in the classroom. The last few months, I have been slowly moving LEGOs back to my tech and classroom instruction. In fact, I just had a major find of my old LEGO and a purchase of a new small starter set to use with my students starting in the next couple of weeks. However, my Kinders and older students are hungry for more using LEGOs from Green Screen to creation with our drones and what their imaginations can build. So, with one point left, I created this Donors Choose to have my students Build with STEAM with LEGO. Since this is a much smaller project, I’m hoping to reach funding more quickly while my STEAM Storytellers is slowly building… ah hem… steam. So, if you could please consider donating or sharing my LEGO Donors Choose Project and please stop by Limeades for Learning and vote for mine or my co-workers Donors Choose. Running now until the end of October. Each week, the projects with the most votes will be either fully funded or receive $600 for our Donors Chooses.

Thank you again and I’ll see you soon.


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