Pixel Art Game Cards


The last few days, I have been working with my various students to create Pixel Art Game cards. So many of my students, especially my Middle Schoolers love creating pixel art with Google Sheets. I based the project from Alice Keeler’s post a while ago on using Google Sheets for Pixel Art. You can read all about it, including getting the template here. Originally, during my STEAM enrichment class, we were using the pixel creation and then shifted it to creating 3D prints. Allowing my students to create in digital form and then transfer and scaffold with their designs into a basic 3D print using Perler Beads. It became such an amazing experience, my students wanted to skip recess to work on their Pixel Perler Beads.

Adobe Post Card

Making me smile in the processed, I wanted to take the pixel art creation to another level with gamification. Many of my students want to learn how to create games, but are not sure where to start. I decided to shift them to creating their own game card creation using Adobe Spark. The project is easy, students create their Pixel Art in Google Sheets and then they take snapshots of their work and then import it into Google Drawing where they turn them in various badges, characters, add ATK points, DP, HP and so forth. Next, I have students put the images into Adobe Spark. Using Post, they give their cards a very professional look with the various logos, layouts, ect.

Spark Video

Next, students are to then describe how their cards work using Adobe Spark Video and then the final piece will be to assemble the rules, play and game board (if there is one) into Adobe Page and finish their games. Then I have the students play their games in a great Game Jam for the classroom. My students just love creating their pixel characters, building their decks or game boards. Give it a try with your students and I will be talking about how this to my peers at Edcamp Illinois this weekend. Give it a try.


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