Have your Students Filled a Bucket with Seesaw


Have you ever read the book: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? The short book explains to students that we all carry an invisible bucket in which we keep our feelings about ourselves. When our buckets are full, we are happy; when they are empty, we are sad. It is important that students learn that when they fill a friend’s bucket, they also fill their own bucket because it feels good to make others happy. Usually this is done with the traditional way of paper, coloring and scissors. I decided to try it with a digital sense with Seesaw. The activities remains the same, however students can digitally create their buckets to fill. What’s even better, is they can share the their buckets with their classmates, teachers, parents and more. It’s a great way to fill your classroom empathy. You will be surprised how the activity truly helps students build stronger bonds with their classmates at any grade level and through the platform of Seesaw. Give it a try today.


Special thanks to: Scholastic for the other great Fill the Bucket resources for the classroom.


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