Using Poker Chips as Classroom Managment tool


This past week, I started using a chapter from eXPlore like a Pirate, Michael had talked about using Poker Chips for students with various gamification ideas. I decided them to use them as a classroom management tool. Working with middle schoolers, the biggest task is getting them to follow classroom rules. This past summer, I hit garage sales up constantly and I found poker chips at a few of them. Using a SPED task, I handed various poker chips to students. Some get five, some get one, and so forth. I then tell them to move the chips on their desks when I tell them a shape. If it’s a square, they  have to make four corners. If it’s a hexagon, they have to move it to six, and if they don’t have enough chips, they move it to where a corner might be. I really love it when I had a student who had seven chips moved one to the center and then said it was the vanishing point. Such an innovative use of an extra chip. After the task was complete. I then did them by points, if they had a certain amount of color chips, they would then get their chromebook or iPad. This worked very well as I had a steady stream of students getting their devices for our Adobe Spark lessons in a quiet and orderly manner.

What was even better, I have students keep their chips for a while, if I hear chips moving, then I know who needs to be focused on more to maintain classroom expectations. After about fifteen minutes, I collect all the chips and we continue with the lesson. It’s a great way to work gamfication into classroom management and students who keep their chips quiet the entire time, show classroom expectation and earn SWAG bucks for later use at our SWAG store. Give it a try today and see if it works for you.


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