STEAM Storytellers Donors Choose Project

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 9.01.34 PM  Last year, my friend Peter Smetana and I worked hard to bring STEAM to his art classroom using Spheros and Drones and we transformed the art curriculum and began to pave the way to create a STEAM initiative to have our students become innovators and tomorrow’s global leaders. This year, I am teaching a full STEAM classroom elective and while I will be using our Spheros and Drones, but something my students were asking about before the school year was over was about creating stories and games using coding and this project was born. Less than half of our students have access to technology at home, and are eager for any opportunities at school to use technology and the Internet. My goal is to provide tech experiences to our students to promote 21st century learning and skills, but to go to the next level with STEAM and create STREAM. Science, Technology, READING, Art and Mathematics.

My students want to expand into coding and learning through experiences and authentic problem solving. Ozobots are a great tool to be used in a STREAM setting and align with Common Core. Ozobots will encourage my students to think at a deeper level! They would be able to create dialogue between two characters in the story, and write a code to navigate the conversation and the story structure. Ozobots can be tailored by various skins, but they can be limited by the set brands of skins available. By adding a 3D printer, such as a Flash Forge 3D printer, my students will be able to create their very own skins for their Ozobots and be able to integrate it with their other mobile technology bringing their characters to life with 3D printing and coding. My students will begin to discover and cultivate their creativity as they begin to apply their unique gifts and talents and allow them to become the innovators and global leaders of tomorrow with the stories they will be able to create and tell.

We have until December 10th to fund the project, I am hoping we have this happen a lot sooner, like by September. My students are so hungry for using technology and creating and I want to give them all the opportunities possible and this Donors Choose will be a door of opportunity to enter. Please share or support our project and if you use the code: LIFTOFF from now until the 21st your donation will be matched. Please help making my STEAM storytellers into STREAM story tellers and future global leaders.


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