The great room remodel

This past weekend, I attended a session by Michael Jaber about getting the Lead out in Leadership. Basically, the classic get the lead out, hence get moving faster. While Michael had plenty of ideas and many I am going to apply in the next school year. One that did stick out was about remodeling your office or classroom to be more inviting to students and staff alike. Last September, I left my job of over three years due to budget cuts and luckily landed a new one a few weeks later. While I moved my stuff into my new office and organized it to my liking, I still felt like I was the new guy who moved into someone else’s space. In my three years at CLS, my office was very inviting to students and staff, I had various pictures, sayings, collectibles and tech that actually had several students wanting to spend their study hall time in my office to work on their lessons and projects. Now, while I have been at Jackson, I have had a similar experience with my students and staff, they want to see my tech or some of the ideas I’m working for lessons and projects. However, many times they say they say they enjoy the air conditioning more. So, after Michael’s session this past weekend, I knew it was time remodel my office.

So, what’s the plan you might ask? Well, right now I have a lot of tech new and old in my office, but I will be cleaning that out in the weeks ahead. So, the first plan is to get my shelves together.

  1. IMG_3812I plan on separating my shelves into different themes for different areas I specialize in. One will of course be my App Dice, I have the App Dice Pirates already on their ship, but if you look to either side of Appy and his crew, there isn’t much there except for a few other items. I’m going to have it where the S.S #TLAP is leading the App Dice into adventures. With various themes, complete and upcoming lessons on the shelf.




2. IMG_9224I have been working with Breakout Edu and a lot of Gamification in the last few months and I always have my students and staff loving the various themes I have been using for lessons and PD sessions. So, I’m going to make the Gaming Shelf, while it might fall along the lines of my App Dice since that is a type of gamification. I have a lot more ideas going all the time with gamification. So, the “Gaming Shelf” will be full of all my tools, items, games and of course a new copy of Explore like a Pirate.

3. IMG_5094Something, I have always is a set of helpful hints and more board in my old office. Well, I kind of kept that around in my current office, but its been kind of lacking the last few months. So, I am going to change that, with daily sayings outside my board and a few fun challenges along the way. We have something called: “Swag Bucks” and students who accomplish great things or show positive attitude and work and I want to start passing out more pieces for students who show SWAG. Now, many ask me: “What happens if people take something or try to change another students answer. Well, I’m going to be using a few tools. One is Remind as I can have students who sign up submit their answers digitally on their mobile devices. A shared Google Classroom folder and even a Seesaw Folder that students can access at anytime. I like to go multiple platforms and give students plenty of opportunities and expand their learning when they don’t know they are actually learning.

4.IMG_9708 You knew it was coming and I’m not the first to do this. I will have various Perler Bead designs around my room. These will range from tetris pieces to original pieces I have made. A friend of mine who is part of a Perler Beads Facebook group uses Perler Beads in their history room all the time. He loves to make Perler Beads from sports logos to classic video game characters and his students are not only amazed by what he makes, but they are excited about they are going to be used for in his middle school history class. My students are always amazed by own Perler Beads and I want to do the same. I am going to however have different types in my office including my Power Up Mushrooms based on Super Mario Brothers. Many have seen my Cookie Monster, Melted Crayon, Fire Mushroom and so forth. I am going to have various themes to use for lessons and even make a few other fun things I have in the planning sessions.

5. paintbrush-24251_1280Play is going to be a big theme and while I have always used “play” since entering education almost seven years ago (wow! Where did the time go?). So, I have everything from Piggies dressed as Pirates, pictures of M.A.S.K., comics, miniature Spider-Man figures and more. So, Play will be a bit theme on top of everything and a few other things I have under the hood I will be sharing in the weeks ahead.





So, there are my ideas and I hope everyone will join me in this process to bring the fun into your office or classroom this school year.


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