Using Keynote to create Instagram Edu Videos

The past week, I have been sharing mini videos on my Instagram account on using various devices for coding and STEAM in your classroom. I use my Instagram account for both educational and personal use. I usually divide my educational postings using the hashtag: #DiceUPtheClassroom. I love using Instagram for many of my quick posts as I can link it both with my other social accounts and using IFTTT to post on my other channels as full images and not just a link to my accounts In the last couple months thanks to Tony Vincent and Michael Buist I have been trying to fine tune my postings on Instagram with animated images on the tech I love to use in the classroom or types you should try out with your students and staff. Many have asked me how I did this?

  1. I usually take pictures with my iPhone or iPad or use pixabay or Pexels for my images.
  2. I then use Adobe Illustrator Draw, Google Drawings or even Keynote on my Mac Air to create my own clipart from my images.
  3. I then export my final clipart pieces to Keynote and then using the great move transition features of OS Keynote to create an animated movie and then export it as a movie file than I can then upload to my Google Drive and then download the file to my iPhone and post it to my Instagram Account. Since I don’t have a character limit with Instagram like I do on Twitter, I can post a larger description of the tool and how to use it.
  4. I can also upload the movie file to my Youtube Channel and post it link it to my blog if I need it for future use or even save the file for future vidcasts.


  1. Make sure when you are creating your Instagram videos to keep the file centered but plenty of open space on the sides so you can resize your images perfectly and won’t lose any words or parts of your video.
  2. Make them less than 30 seconds. While you can always trim them in Instagram, you don’t want to clutter your videos with lots of transitions that eat up time. There is a reason why its called: “Instagram”.
  3. Show them in use with classroom lessons or projects. Doing a quick little tip about an app or resource is great. However, they have a bigger impact if you use them with a lesson, similar to what I did with Classroom Chef or our STEAM Curriculum.
  4. Have fun. You don’t want to be stressed about making them, the point is to enjoy what you are doing and give tutorials to your peers and students.


One Reply to “Using Keynote to create Instagram Edu Videos”

  1. if you have safari, you can enable Develop tab, choose User Agent, and select Safari – iOS 12.1.3 – iPhone. Then go to and log in. Voila…! you can upload pictures and videos on instagram using your computer.

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