Avoiding Summer FOMO

still-life-1037378_1920The school year has come to an end once more, students have graduated, classrooms are cleaned up and there is that short miniature break before getting ready to play for the next school year. However, as we know during the Summer the classic FOMO (fear of missing out) does rear its ugly head a bit more than it does during the regular school year. I know I have my experience of FOMO both during and after the school year has wrapped up. More so in the summer than during the fall or spring. So, how can you avoid those FOMO blues? Here are a few types and ways to still bring a smile to your face even if you are not there.

  1. Summer Conferences: Yes, the main type, from ISTE to iPadpoloza, we all miss out on those big conferences where are peers, mentors and friends seem to find a way to attend them even if they are on the other side of the world. I know I’m missing out on those big two I just stated above. While, I will be going to ISTE FINALLY in 2017-2018. Being only a few semesters away from having my PhD. ISTE is one of those events that I feel I’m always missing out of. Even if I know in the next two years I’ll be able to go to. So, what can you do to avoid those ISTE or conference blues? First is going on a good old friend, Twitter. Following the hashtags for the events is a great way to feel you are sitting right there or exploring. From #NotAtISTE to #ISTE16. Thanks to social media we can see events, images and learn about what is going on in sessions without leaving the comfort of our chair or smart device. Thanks to Periscope and Google Docs, we can see live sessions as they happen, ask questions, add in notes that we can download and read later and more. Its a great way to avoid FOMO at summer conferences.
  2. Another big one is just a simple vacation. Let’s face it, vacations after the school year ends is usually a trip uptown to see a summer movie or just camp out in our backyard with the kids. So, what’s the cure for this FOMO when you have either limited budgets or work a full 12 months on your position? Simple, plan some outings that will get you out of town. I’m going to the USM Summer Spark in a couple of weeks with the rest of the Teach like a Pirate crew. While it will be my only conference I’m going to this summer. My family and I are using it as a simple get away for all of us. We are leaving on Friday night. Hitting up the zoo, some shopping places and sights Saturday and Sunday before the conference. I also have dinner plans on Monday night with the family after the conference is done.  Tyler has never been to the Milwaukee Zoo and I and Melissa have been around the various areas in about 15 years. It isn’t going to cost us much and its a nice get out of town for a few days. You can do the same, there are plenty of community events and outings you can do outside your town or city. Use it to get away, have fun and not break the bank.
  3. You know how we always say we don’t have time to try new things in the classroom during the school year? While we don’t want to use up a lot of summer time to relax, summer is a great time to try out new apps, resources or ideas for the upcoming school year. If you have a lot of nieces and nephews like me. Its a great time to try something out with them. See how they use Seesaw and give them some summer reading choices. Try some new green screen effects when you don’t have to worry about lesson plans or seating charts. Try something like Geocaching in your home town or go garage sailing and find something that will be great for you and your students. It doesn’t take much, but it will get you far away from FOMO you will forget what your FOMO was even about.


These are my top 3 of avoiding FOMO this summer. Try it out and see if you are smiling more this summer.


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