#STEAM with Origami

For the past few weeks, I have been coming up with some great lessons or projects with my fellow co-teachers on bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics to our art curriculum. We had a real break through the other day using coding and origami. How did that happen? Quite by accident, but it all came together in the end, here is how:

  1. Using the App, Tickle, we created a simple color and pattern code with both a Sphero and one of Darkside Ollies. We arranged it so they would go at the same time and create light and shape patterns and then hit the play button.
  2.  Next, the Spheros went in various directions and the students had to draw or color the patterns they they followed. We came up with a set of “coding hieroglyphics” as we called it. Making out some amazing patterns and shapes.
  3. Next, using some origami we took the pages that were drawn on and turned them into everything from animals to basket ball hoops and we were finished.


This was a real fun activity and even thought of some STREAM ideas with it (R is for reading). Where you can code drones or related bots like Ozobots or Beebots to create stories based on readings and history. Think if you did some coding hieroglyphics and then shaped the paper into pottery reflecting Babylon or sporting trends going on in modern day. Its a lot of fun and really teaches students and teachers how to stop out of their circle and create innovation and beautiful art. Give it a try today and I will be showing this at USM Spark in June.



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