Get your Ditty on

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I talked about the universal app, Ditty by I discovered this App during Edcamp Chicago a few weeks ago and my teachers and myself have been creating up a digital music storm. With the school year about to wrap up, here are a few challenges you can do with your students and classroom to end the year strong.

  1. Create an end of the year music video. Take snips from the school year and put them together in a simple 15 second video. Then match up your 44 character limit and make a music video to share with the school.
  2. Graduating? What were your memorial moments of the school year? Film a green screen documentary and then add your ditty to the end to wrap up either a humorous or sad goodbye.
  3. Are you doing themes for the final days of school? Put together some musical teaser hooks and share them on your teacher blog, smore, website, Remind or Snapchat. Great way to get students excited for the day’s theme.
  4. Ready to clean out those lockers or cubbies? Put your steps on Ditty and match them with animated gifs and post them on your hallway monitor for students to groove too while they clean.


Have fun and get your Ditty on!

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