Breakout Edu App Smash


The last few days, I have been setting up Breakout Edu sessions for my teachers. I’ve been scanning Varage Sale, Amazon and local garage sales to get locks and pieces on a budget. Being a 2-1 school of both iPads and Chromebooks, I have been integrating and looking for ways to utilize technology for our new Breakout Edu sessions. Just the other day, I discovered the awesome Locks by Breakout Edu IOS App. It is awesome, you can set up all the various types of locks and store them in a digital library right on your IOS device. All you need is to set up a free User Account. In fact, you can set up a classroom account and program in the various puzzles for each lock and then set up them up around your room or school with ease. Just make sure you stay connected to a wi-fi source.   Well, of course I started getting things together and before I knew it, I had an awesome App Smash that you can use with your classroom or school.

  1. Head over to Educlipper and start clipping your resources for an awesome Breakout Edu. There are a plethora of resources to use from history to art.
  2. Using the App, Tickle. Set up a coding puzzle. This can range from an animation to using anything from Spheros, Ardinios, LEGO WeDo Explorer and drones. A simple one I like to use is to set up a code to make a Sphero or Ollie move in a certain pattern and change color as it does. For simple puzzles, code your device to make a simple shape and then use the Locks App’s shape lock set up. You can set up to five shapes on it. For more advance, do color sequence or directional codes for the various locks in the Locks App.
  3. Fire up your QR Code generators and link it to a Stick Around Puzzle. Students scan the QR Codes and then try to solve the puzzles. The puzzle is built around either giving a lock code for the Breakout Edu Box or just a simple message design for students and teachers to follow the clues to unlock the box. There are many ways to do this.
  4. Now, the Locks App can be used with any of these Apps, but you can build all your IOS devices around the Locks App for Breakout Edu. What is so great about the various locks you can program with a simple tap of the screen is that they can house: text, images and URL links. One example is using Chatterpix Kids to make Appy the App Dice Pirate talk and he gives a message to the students. I save the final video to my: Google Drive, Dropbox or Youtube channel and then copy and paste the code into the Locks App. So, once the puzzle is solved, the iPad heads right to the video to be played or heard and another clue is given to unlocking the box.

What’s ever better is you can set each iPad to a timer, so that way they stay focused on the student or teacher unlocking the clues and won’t power off before someone has a chance to solve them. Just make sure your IOS device is plugged in during the Breakout Edu so it won’t run out of power and will stay tethered in one spot so it can’t be moved around from its clue area. There are a lot of fun and great ways to use Breakout Edu using mobile tech and staying on a budget. Give it a try today.


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