May the 4th Be with You


Its one of my favorite times of the Spring, Star Wars Day. This year I have been able to actually enjoy May 4th more than usual. Not just because of being able to get a collectible or use my new sets and perler beads to have an awesome story to tell, but really use it for eduction. Here are a few things you can do to put a little Star Wars Magic into your classroom today or any day.


  1. Opening Crawl: The classic introduction to all the Star Wars movies and even the upcoming spin off tales starting with Rogue One this December. You can create your own opening crawl with the main website here. You can also use Apps like iMovie, Green Screen or slide presentation resources. Its a great way to introduce a lesson or presentation and do it to the classic John Williams score.
  2. Get your LEGOS, Action Figures and start Playing Like a Pirate. Teach about the Axis powers with the Galactic Empire. Talk about the ranks of the military and armed forces with the various play sets and figures. Make your own awesome action figure with the Action Figure Template or with Google Drawings or related template creation resource.
  3. Fire up your 3D printers and design worlds and places and animal life and then print them out and present a story about a Galaxy, Far Far Away.
  4. Put on the cloaks, fix the hair up and being a Star Wars character teaching a math lesson using amazing tools or just fun styles.
  5. Get your helmets ready and bring out the Bounty Hunters. Have it where if students who can’t finish projects on time must pay a a bounty hunter to get extra time to complete their assignment. This could be in the form of SWAG Bucks, recess time, ect. Great Gamification lesson.
  6. Fire up your devices and drones. Create a maze or geometry lesson and get your Spheros, BB-8s or Parrot drones to navigate a top secret mission for either the First Order or the Republic.
  7. Have fun! There is such a rich resource of Star Wars to use with your classroom today from PK-college.


Give it a try today and May the 4th be with You.


Image from Pexels



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