My Trip to Edcamp DuPage


This past Saturday, I attended Edcamp DuPage at Wheaton North High School. The Edcamp was a bit different than I have experienced before. While starting at the usual 8 AM kick off time. It only went to about 12:30 due to other events at the school and then finished with a wonderful lunch at the Arrowhead Golf Club. What was different was due to the condensed time of the Edcamp, sessions were proposed earlier and then we voted on them. While several sessions that were proposed did not occur due to the time, I did finally attend my second Breakout Edu. I loved the Breakout Edu session, Breakout Edu if you haven’t heard are games that teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving, and can be used in all content areas. Usually, it focuses around a locked box, this can be when of the Breakout Edu’s boxes or a toolbox that is locked and you have to figure out clues to unlock the box in a set time frame. Ours was 50 minutes and we finished with 37 minutes left on the clock.

During the session we learned to use our various digital tools, learned about Morris Code and relay on each other’s specialities to unlock the four padlocks that were keeping the box locked. As I said, this was my second one, the first was a simple 30 minute one I attended at a workshop at my local collage that was solved by scanning various QR Codes and figuring out the clues. This one was more in-depth and played at history. It was such a great time, I’m already putting together a kit for my teachers before the school year is over and I will be sharing ways to do basic to advance Breakout Edus this month. 

ChTHM5nUgAAciwA  While Breakout Edu was one of my favorite sessions, I ended up leading two other sessions, which were: Teach like a Pirate and Twitter for Teachers. Both sessions were proposed by other educators, but getting them kicked off was a bit of a trick. I ended up stepping up using Appy and the App Dice Pirates for the Teach like a Pirate session. I gave introductions, showed examples using both tech and non-tech and some teachers wanting to take Appy and the S.S. #TLAP home with them. It was a great time and as for Twitter for Teachers. I learned a great tool which was Ditty . Ditty is a great free App on all platforms that allows you to take up to 45 characters and have sung by famous artists and words to certain songs. Each day are a set of free songs and you can get more in your collection by paying .99 cents per song, but much like the Google Play or iTunes, once you buy them, you own them. Even better, you can put pre-recorded videos and gifs to the music.

The teachers and I were coming up with music videos from: Get on Twitter by Good Day to Honey Cake singing: “EdCamp is Awesome!” It got so addictive, I think we made Ditties for the entire week. I also exposed the Twitter session on who to follow, using tools like Tweetroot to make Blackout Poetry using Google Drawings and broadcasting live with Periscope. I think we got the most hearts ever during that session. It was a great time and I made so many new connections and reunited with others at Edcamp DuPage. Sad to say, it will be my last EdCamp until the fall. With focus on my dissertation this summer, USM Spark Conference and family time. I won’t be attending any Edcamps until the fall. So, thank you Edcamp DuPage for a wonderful time.


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