My Trip to Edcamp Chicago

This past Saturday, I attended EdCamp Chicago in Elmhurst at Churchville Middle School. A school I once played at during my Middle School Basketball days about 24 years ago (I’m old). I had the great pleasure of hanging with my state line Pirate Crew of Michael Matera, Andrea Kornowski, Carrie Baughcum, Josh Gauthier, and Rebecca Gauthier. Edcamps are fantastic to go to. They are a true un-conferience organized by awesome people like: Joy Kirr, Steve Wick, Maria Stavropoulos, Chris Skrzypchak  and  Carrie Baughcum and her daughter, Tricia. The opening to EdCamp Chicago was a Yoga session at the begnning, no really. While I wasn’t quite in the yoga feel that early in the morning, it was a great kick off the day type of exercise to get your mind and body ready for learning. What really kicked off this Edcamp was an incredible Sketchnote created by Dana Ladenburger before we headed to the many sessions. I attended both Gamification sessions by Michael and the School TedEx Session by Josh. I then held my own session about creating your own Clipart using the likes of Google Drawing, Adobe Draw and how to find CC free images for your classroom and students. I even talked about how to use Google Drawings to use with 3D printers and how to make sure you are still using Digital Trace for safe use in Digital Citizenship. A big thank you to Maria for getting a dongle chord so I could show my iPad on the screen. I learned a lot at this Edcamp and it was great to socialize with my peers and also meeting a lot of fellow educators who I have only talked to on Twitter and other media outlets.

It was a great day for all and I even walked away with an awesome Edpuzzle T-shirt. I hope to reunite with many and also meet new friends at Edcamp DuPage in two weeks. If you are still on the fence about going to a local Edcamp. Please give it a try, you will be happy you did.


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