Creating beauty with the Darkside

Secret Socks go Darkside

Friday is here and on Friday I like to do some fun stuff. I’m not talking about dancing into the weekend or heading out to my favorite local grill. Taking a page out of Play like a Pirate I like to do a theme with my Secret Socks. What are Secret Socks? Well, the socks you wear that are special when you are dressed for success. My Secret Socks usually range from comics to sci-fi to emojis (don’t tell Melissa). As you know, we had our Donor Choose fulfilled thanks to amazing donations from people like you (No, I don’t work for PBS). As we were showing our students how to create art with our Spheros and Drones, I decided to code some artwork with spring colors using our Ollie Darkside. I also asked the question: “Why was the Empire really formed in Star Wars?” Most students answered because Palatine was a Sith Lord and wanted power. Which, I did answer was true, but really, the Empire was originally created to bring order to chaos, even if those who ran it had a pretty warped sense of order.

Abstract Darkside Ollie Painting

I wanted to show that beauty could come from dark things, hence I coded and created this piece I like to call: “Sunrise”. Using the App, Tickle and the Ollie App with the trick controls. I created this design that looked like a Sunrising from the Ocean. Students saw it a flash and loved it. While a bit messy, my students were ready to get down and dirty after witnessing the Power of the Darkside (hehehe).

Many think you can only paint using regular Spheros and their Nubby covers, but you can create art with almost any drone device. All it takes is some coding, imagination and a little Play like a Pirate to make it happen. Give it a try today with your Coding Classroom and Happy Friday.



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