Starting a School Newspaper with Adobe Slate


Hello Everyone,

Usually my blog posts are daily, but with so much PD going into our new STEAM Art curriculum, I have fallen behind a bit outside of my social networks with Twitter and Instagram. I am excited to post about a new project we planning at my school using Adobe Slate for a School Newspaper. Something I have loved about Adobe Slate is how seamlessly you can incorporate images, text and now videos into a presentation that just pops to the viewer like a webpage. What’s even better is that Adobe Slate can be shared on almost every network as an embedded file and not just a link.

Originally, Adobe Slate could only be used on an iPad, but has now expanded to be used on desktop as well, pretty great if you have a 2:1 school that uses chromebooks and iPads or desktop and mobile devices. Its pretty simple to use:

1. Set up your news team of students through either Google Drive or Google Classroom. It’s so simple to keep your students organized with Google Apps for Education. This way you can monitor their work without hovering over them and using the various tools like Docs, Forms or Slides for their reports and stories.

2. Once articles, interviews or beats are complete. Simply import them into Slate through cut and paste into the sections for the Newspaper.

3. Do any final checks and then let the paper go live. If there are any updates or breaking news, you can simply add it to Adobe Slate and it will update immediately. No hassle or fuss or retractions.

4. Once you have firmly established using Adobe Slate, you can also incorporate its sister App, Adobe Voice (Also for mobile and desktop) with Slate. How cool is it to have break stories with the presentation of Voice or talking about: “What’s Cool at School” in a professional manner with amazing background music?


There are so many ways to use Adobe Slate for your digital School Newspaper or Newsletter. Give it a try today.


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