Working with Google Drawings for 3D Printers


Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the lack of posts this week or even standard tweets. This past weekend, I experienced a large case load of trying to complete my dissertation proposal to having that added on with my wife having a seizure on Sunday for the first time in almost five months. Then of course, I was busy at my regular job and working on some other projects that needed my attention. However, as we know: “No matter the times, there is always a new day dawning.”  Continue reading “Working with Google Drawings for 3D Printers”


There is a reason


A few days ago, I posted this image through my Instagram account. The infopic came to my mind as I was heading to a friend’s house before heading to Edcamp Chicago last Friday and saw a peak of the Sun through some clouds. I had just completed  my proposal for my dissertation during lunch that day, all 70 pages of it. While the proposal isn’t going to my committee until the end of this week once edits are finished. It was for the first time in a while where I saw the light starting to appear in the tunnel. For the last five years, through unemployment, burn out, extra courses, family and health issues. It has seemed that I was on this endless road that never seemed to want to change or end. While during the last few years, I have seem a set of accomplishments, it has felt that I was more in an endless loop that never wanted to end. Basically: Hard times, then some good times, then hard times again, a few small victories, wash, rinse and repeat.  Continue reading “There is a reason”

My Trip to Edcamp Chicago

This past Saturday, I attended EdCamp Chicago in Elmhurst at Churchville Middle School. A school I once played at during my Middle School Basketball days about 24 years ago (I’m old). I had the great pleasure of hanging with my state line Pirate Crew of Michael Matera, Andrea Kornowski, Carrie Baughcum, Josh Gauthier, and Rebecca Gauthier. Edcamps are fantastic to go to. They are a true un-conferience organized by awesome people like: Joy Kirr, Steve Wick, Maria Stavropoulos, Chris Skrzypchak  and  Carrie Baughcum and her daughter, Tricia. The opening to EdCamp Chicago was a Yoga session at the begnning, no … Continue reading My Trip to Edcamp Chicago

Creating beauty with the Darkside

Secret Socks go Darkside

Friday is here and on Friday I like to do some fun stuff. I’m not talking about dancing into the weekend or heading out to my favorite local grill. Taking a page out of Play like a Pirate I like to do a theme with my Secret Socks. What are Secret Socks? Well, the socks you wear that are special when you are dressed for success. My Secret Socks usually range from comics to sci-fi to emojis (don’t tell Melissa). As you know, we had our Donor Choose fulfilled thanks to amazing donations from people like you (No, I don’t work for PBS). As we were showing our students how to create art with our Spheros and Drones, I decided to code some artwork with spring colors using our Ollie Darkside. I also asked the question: “Why was the Empire really formed in Star Wars?” Most students answered because Palatine was a Sith Lord and wanted power. Which, I did answer was true, but really, the Empire was originally created to bring order to chaos, even if those who ran it had a pretty warped sense of order.

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Sphero STEAM Art Creation

Over the last few days, Mr. Smetana and I have been introducing our new Spheros and Darkside Ollies into the classroom. Using a few coding dice (see below), I have created some abstract art pieces using the Spheros for our new STEAM Art Curriculum. This has really engaged the students on a whole new level and they can’t wait to start creating with coding and drones.

The Coding Dice below are pretty simple to use .You roll them and then use the command that pops up. As you see with the Ollie, I had a lot of free choice commands and did some of the Ollie tricks for making the second art piece. The Spheros were more set control, I also used the App, Tickle for the Spheros rolls and jump tricks with the paint.

Coding Dice

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Starting a School Newspaper with Adobe Slate


Hello Everyone,

Usually my blog posts are daily, but with so much PD going into our new STEAM Art curriculum, I have fallen behind a bit outside of my social networks with Twitter and Instagram. I am excited to post about a new project we planning at my school using Adobe Slate for a School Newspaper. Something I have loved about Adobe Slate is how seamlessly you can incorporate images, text and now videos into a presentation that just pops to the viewer like a webpage. What’s even better is that Adobe Slate can be shared on almost every network as an embedded file and not just a link. Continue reading “Starting a School Newspaper with Adobe Slate”

The Continuing Adventures of 3D Printing


Most people (at least the ones I know) head off some where for Spring Break. This can be as simple as a trip to the parents or going to Disney World. This Spring Break, while the family was busy dealing with colds (myself included), I tested the Solidoodle we are currently using for our new STEAM art curriculum. As I posted previously, I have been melting up a storm (Alice Keeler). As many of you know, 3D printers are an up and coming technology in schools from elementary all the way to college level. About a few weeks before our Donors Choose closed for our STEAM Art room, I was working on a partnership with our local tech club to secure the use of a 3D printer until the end of the school year. This worked out perfectly as they had not used their three Solidoodle Pro 2s since unboxing them earlier last year.

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