Coming to an Art Room Near you!


IMG_7445  Happy Monday Everyone!
I am pleased to announce that this past Saturday afternoon, while on a quest to find some Star Wars The Force Awakens action figures at a Super Target, my iPhone went off. I looked at the notification and it told me that our Donors Choose had been funded. Extremely ironic since I walked down an aisle that had both Sphero SPRK and Ollies on the shelf as I read the notification. As I smiled like I had found a BB-8 marked down to $2, I immediately sent a Snapchat to my fellow teachers and they had also just received the news. Since November, we have worked extremely hard trying to get our Donors Choose funded for a set of Sphero STEM and Parrot Drones to completely transform our Art Curriculum. We received email over the last few months saying that our project was too big and we weren’t focused on the right types of technology and curriculum aims to get such a large project funded. Well, I guess we proved everyone wrong.

I want to thank everyone who helped to make this possible. We have tons of ideas circulating and another ton of lessons and projects we are planning on. Especially with us getting a 3D printer for the next few months. It is going to be an exciting time for our students as we move forward. Thank you again.


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