Ahoy! It off onto Story Adventure!

Hello Everyone,


Usually I save Friday for some big reveal or quick send off to the weekend, but this Friday I thought I do something a little different. Above is my new buddy, Pirate Man. You might remember him from the late 90s game, Megaman and Bass. Well, PM is off on adventures in the classroom this next week and he’s stopping by to see a few of his friends. Like Jiji Penguin from ST Math and Pirate Duck from Play like a Pirate. His mission? To inspire amazing stories for the classroom. Here are a few of his ideas:


  1. Using Green Screen, Pirate Man discovers Pirate Duck is still wondering what to do with Google Slides. Well, using their amazing Play like a Pirate skills, Pirate Man thinks about using Google Slides to talk about Earth Day and what animals like Pirate Duck are finding in local rivers and streams and why pollution is still a problem locally. Using some research and other amazing STREAM ideas, they create an amazing presentation on the history of the local rivers, why times changed and what they can do to reduce pollution for all.
  2. After journeying to the South Pole, Pirate Man and Jiji talk about the various geometry and shapes of Antartica. How penguins are able to slide and move through the various icy surfaces and why they can’t slide or move on other geometric landscapes. Using Google Drawings or Explain Everything, they create amazing Infopics on the shapes of the land and why its important to the penguins and how mathematics is used.
  3. Finally, Pirate Man is decides to set sail to his next classroom. How will he get there and who will he encounter next? The students create a great bell ringer using PhotoFunia to make awesome teaser posters.


That’s it, have a great weekend everyone.


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