Gaming to Coding Learning


From Bubble Ball to Sphero Edu

The last few days, I have been reunited with my friends and students at Tech Wizards, which is our local partnership club that brings technology introduction to our students. They are the group that we are partnered with for our Sphero rental. In the last two weeks we have been playing with KEVA Planks and trying to not only have our students create, but also learn how to mash-up with other tools. Despite some awesome Explore like a Pirate and Teach like a Pirate ideas my students were going through. They looked at me, and went: “Mr. Read, what else can we do with these?” It didn’t take too long for me to put in a little Play like a Pirate, Sphero Edu and more into some fund lessons and projects.


Many of you know my friend, Carrie Baughcum has been leading some amazing gamification lessons with her students and holding amazing sessions at conferences. I got the idea using Angry Birds for a few lessons, so this is for you, Carrie.

  1. There is  a great way to teach students on coding at Students learn how to make their Angry Birds pop pigs, move through mazes and structures and it still involves the classic Angry Bird Geometry.
  2. Carrie also created blocks from templates found online to recreate the various levels of Angry Birds and have students test their knowledge of structure, design and yes angles wit them. You can then transfer this to gamification tools like: Bloxels, Pixel Press Floors, Super Mario Maker and Minecraft Edu. Recreate these game plans and take them to the next level. Hold GameJams  with classrooms as they try to solve level puzzles or expand their code creation skills in the process.


Moving from Angry Birds to Sphero Edu and this is where I worked with my students from Tech Wizards. If you have ever played, Bubble Ball the digital game where you must solve puzzles to get your ball to its goal. You can create your own Bubble Ball courses using KEVA and then taking Spheros have students code their robots to make it to their goals. I have found out that with limited Kevas that Sphero and Sphero SPRK work the best. However, with larger Keva sets you can use Ollies or BB-8 Spheroes for these course. You can also transfer these simply to Ozobots or Bee-bots in a 2D Bubble Ball course set up with students. Have one student create the course and the other student come up with the coding to manuover their bot to its goal.

These are a few examples of working Makerspaces, Gamification and Coding into your classroom. Give it a try today.


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