History Karoake


singvideo   I was hanging out with a friend of mine the other day and in-between watching the kids and chatting, we turned on The Voice. Well, good old Adam Levin was talking about when he did karaoke with Jimmy Fallon the Tonight Show not to long ago. While I don’t get NBC or watch late night TV anymore, my friend did. He went to his DVR and brought up the episode. What a great idea, picking a classic children’s song and then sing it in the style of a well known singer. Well, of course I got into a great Teach like a Pirate, Music Hook idea and here it is.

  1. Using a random selector App or tool like Decide NOW! or Name Selector. Put in a set of songs and then create another selector spinner and put in the singers.
  2. Next, applying with history, pick your decades and then match classic songs that became popular during those decades and then try a modern or classic musician match up with it.
  3. Have students do some research on both the singer and the songs once you have created your lists.
  4. Start spinning and see who matches. You might get Rubber Ducky with BB King or Taylor Swift with the Power of Yet.
  5. Pull up the song on karaoke on either Youtube or related sets and have the kids start jamming.


This is a great way to use a little STREAM, Teach like a Pirate and Play like a Pirate to teach students research, history and fun. Dice it up a little bit and have them sing in front of a Green Screen and then later add in the background and make it a music video. Give it a try today.


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