Working with a 3D Printer


Hello Everyone,


I hope the Easter weekend was great for everyone. A few days ago, we were given two, Solidoodle Pro 2s to use for our new STEAM art room curriculum. After familiarizing myself with the printing program and teaching myself how to make a few objects or find templates to use. I have to say I have a nice round of success and failures in the 3D printing world.  Continue reading “Working with a 3D Printer”


Time to Play and Explore like a Pirate in 3D Printing

The last few days, I have been busy with my teachers getting our new STEAM art curriculum set up as we await our Spheros and Drones and play with our new 3D printer. During the time of working out some great designs prints and planning some amazing lessons and projects, a wonderful lesson came to me. Using both Explore like a Pirate and Play like a Pirate teaching fun.

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Getting our STEAM Art room ready

    While it has almost been a week since our Donors Choose ended we are already hard at work getting everything prepared for our students and starting our new STEAM art curriculum. Currently dubbed: “The Coding Garage”. We are excited to announce that we are getting two 3D printers on loan for the next few months. A Solidoodle 2 and 4 to bring even more innovation and creativity to our students. While I will be posting updates and awesome lessons and projects as our new STEAM art room unfolds, I wanted to share a personal letter from Mr. Smetana … Continue reading Getting our STEAM Art room ready

Coming to an Art Room Near you!

    Happy Monday Everyone! I am pleased to announce that this past Saturday afternoon, while on a quest to find some Star Wars The Force Awakens action figures at a Super Target, my iPhone went off. I looked at the notification and it told me that our Donors Choose had been funded. Extremely ironic since I walked down an aisle that had both Sphero SPRK and Ollies on the shelf as I read the notification. As I smiled like I had found a BB-8 marked down to $2, I immediately sent a Snapchat to my fellow teachers and they … Continue reading Coming to an Art Room Near you!

Action Figure Template

Action Figures

Last weekend when I was reading Play like a Pirate by Quinn Rollins and in the first section he talked about Action Figures. Years ago, my third grade teacher had us make our own action figures using a simple bullet points assignment paper. The basic project is that a student creates an action figure based on what they are learning. An example would be creating a guard from the Qing Dynasty in China. Students would create the action figure, give him his accessories and stats. The activity serves as not only a review of the history lesson, but also an engaging lesson of creativity and instill research with students. Well, luckily in this day and age of Google Apps for Education we have Google Drawings and Google Slides.

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March Madness Bracket Coding


March Madness is here again and so are everyone’s favorite brackets. Now, everyone knows that brackets are set up to show what teams are playing who and the winner of each round will go to face off the team that advances. Well, being in the spirit of March Madness and of course Teach like a Pirate (you knew it was coming). I have decided to create a type of Bracket set for coding. As many know, I am trying to get our Donors Choose funded by next Wednesday and the clock is ticking. I wanted to show everyone how you could integrate brackets into your Sphero Edu or Coding classroom. Continue reading “March Madness Bracket Coding”

Only 7 Days left on our Donors Choose

Everyone knows that for the last few months, I have been promoting and pushing our Donors Choose to get funded. We now only have 7 Days left to get funded and are currently $346 short. Just yesterday, I was hanging with our local Tech Wizards Group and they were asking: “Mr. Read, are we getting our Spheros and Drones?” I had to tell them that we weren’t funded and if we don’t in a week it won’t be happening. I had a lot of sad faces after I gave them the answer. I know that $346 is a hard goal … Continue reading Only 7 Days left on our Donors Choose

Happy Pi Day 2016 with some Play like a Pirate

FullSizeRender 2
So you’re ghost looking for inspiration?

This past weekend, after waiting what seemed like forever, my copy of Quinn Rollins, Play like a Pirate arrived. I filled a glass of lemond with the Care Bear, Funshine on it. Sat down on my new couch by the window and started reading. Like all the other Teach Like a Pirate books, it was filled with amazing ideas, lessons and a few things I never thought of, well one I had thought of. As we know, its Pi Day once again and I was planning on some fun ideas around Pi or pie, depending on what type of educator you are and after I turned to the Trading Cards chapter in PlayLap. I was taken a step back and a light bulb went off above my head.  Continue reading “Happy Pi Day 2016 with some Play like a Pirate”