Build your Own Robot Master


A few weeks ago, I talked about teaching students how to create basic animation using Google Slides, Keynote or Power Point. The amazing glow that students gave when they were able to create their own BB-8 robots or other robots that could move and change color was amazing. They also learned how to transfer those moments to code in the App, Tickle and then have our Sphero BB-8 move to those same commands. While we don’t have our own Spheroes to use with our classes on a regular basis and are trying to get our Donors Choose funded (We are half way there). I wanted to something similar with our 2:1 program of iPads and chromebooks. Many know I was a big gammer back in the day and love using gamification with my students and staff. Back in the year that was 1992, there was a contest by Capcom to enter in robot masters contest for Mega Man 6. This wasn’t a new contest as it has been used in Japan since Mega Man 2 was released, but this was the first time it was open to the US and Canada. Well, my 14 year old self pulled out his pencil, pens and markers and created Fog Man. A robot that floated from a fog cloud and fired acid fog bombs at Mega Man. Well, despite my fund design, he didn’t make it. The winners were Daniel Vallée of Canada who created one of my Top 5 favorite Robot Masters, Knight Man and Michael Leader from Pennsylvania, who created Wind Man. While my video gamer ego was bruised, I loved both designs and Knight Man is remembered for being one of the toughest Robot Bosses in the Mega Man series (hopefully we’ll see him on the new animated series).

IMG_6959  So, flash forward to now, many know I have been using Perler Beads to use for 3D printing with my students and personal use. I finally got around to designing my Mega Man ones and I created him with his robot dog Rush and my Top 5 Robot Maseters: Knight Man, Skull Man, Air Man, Fire Man and Pharos Man. I thought it would  be great for my students to create their own Robot Masters and then use them for one of our future GameJams.



  1. As you can see above I did this with Google Slides, rebuilding Fog Man into Typhoon Man. I decided to recreate the Mega Man 5 and 6 robot masters introduction. I first created my background slide and then built Typhoon Man using the Shape Tools. Once I had the main design. I just duplicated the slide and moved his hands and powers around.
  2. I then copied the original design of Typhoon Man and then turned transformed him completely white for the slides that had a black background and then black for a white background. So, when the presentation played it would look like he appeared in a flash of lights and then did his little robot dance as we have come to all it.
  3. You don’t have to use a presentation program for this. You can use Animation by Doinks, Explain Everything, Google Drawing, Pic Monkey or even a movie editor program.
  4. Its a lot of fun, give it a try and start Building your Robot Masters.

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