How I created Appy the App Dice Green Screen

I recently completed an Appy the App Dice video about welcoming others to Build like a Pirate. However, I get asked: “Just how did I do that?” I used Doink Green Screen on my iPad mostly, but also a few other tools along the way to create an awesome App Smash.

  1. IMG_6863I first took a snapshot of my Appy the App Dice Pirate using an old green iPad protector case I have.




2.IMG_6864Next I made Appy talk using Chatterpix Kids and recorded my voice in pirate talk.




3. IMG_6865Next, I downloaded a content free image from Pixabay of the ocean that I will later use as a backdrop for the final video.




4. IMG_6866I next created Appy’s mini pirate ship using the App, Assembly. Assembly is a great app that allows me to create vector images using various shapes and templates. I made sure the backdrop for the ship was a matching green.




5. IMG_6867Next was putting it all in Doink Green Screen App. I layered it from top to bottom with: Appy, the Ship and then finally the Ocean. I cropped Appy to take out the Chatterpix watermark and then positioned him on the ship. I lined up the various images on each other and used the chrome key to make any color adjustments. I finished the final recording and exported the video.


There you have it, how to make Appy the App Dice sail on the ocean and talk about Build Like a Pirate.


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