Beaming out your Unity

IMG_0482  This week I have talked about B is for Beaming in Build like a Pirate. As I the definition applies, beaming is about transmitting and broadcasting to another location. I remember years ago we a classroom exchange at my school. This was where another class in our school came to teach us something similar to a infomercial. No, its true. We would sit in our desks and the other class would present a project that they did and how it works. We then in turn had to do the same to that other class. It was a lot of fun and was very student lead activity. It sadly stopped by the time I got to 6th grade, but it was a fun three years of doing the activity. These days, we have Google Hangouts, Skype, Youtube, Twitter and Periscope. While there is a lot of responsibility in under taking social media in this day and age with a school. Being able to interact with other classrooms and even other schools in different states or around the world has opened up so many learning opportunities.
In the past, you would have to watch the news or read magazines to see the latest “happenings” in Europe or Asia. Now, classrooms can exchange information directly with live feeds and open discussions. Where you had to hope that a school shared a film or the local news station talked about a science fair or conference. You can now see live and ask questions about Makerspaces or seeing gamification in the classroom. We all have the ability to share something and that is the true essence of beaming. To share with each other and to learn from each other. Its so human and so amazing and when we do share. It starts to bring us together in Unity and not be confined to the four walls or the two walls of the classroom. Which leads us to the U in Build like a Pirate, Unity.
It used to be that when a teacher or educator did something innovative or different in the classroom, they would keep it to themselves. If there was a witness to this type of teaching, most teachers would “steal” the idea or project and put it in their classroom. Which lead to the old saying: “We’re teachers, we steal from each other.” I don’t believe we “steal” but really pillage. Now, some people are wondering why I use “pillage” as the world. When people think of pillage they think of someone coming in, raiding and cutting through and taking what wasn’t theirs. The truth is, pillage is about finding something through different means and making it your own as a result. I walked into a classroom one time and saw a word work activity using a butterfly. I turned around and made it into a Stick Around Puzzle Word Work activity. Shared it with that same class and then put it out in the world for others to use. It really brought one classroom together, wanting to turn their Stations upside down with uses like Stick Around or QR Codes and they wouldn’t have been able to do it without me sharing the idea with them.
When we Beam out what we create and what we learn, we find others who share the same interests or curiosities and it brings us together to start learning and growing as educators and as students. Unity is very powerful and when you can beam your sense of Unity to others, amazing things can happen. I will talk about this more next week. In the team time, thank you for this first week of Build like a Pirate and everyone have a fantastic weekend.


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