Spreading Rapport


IMG_6351   B is for Beaming in Build like a Pirate. Something I do a lot of try to beam some inspiration or rapport to my fellow teachers and students. The last couple of weeks, I have started making achievement badges out of perler beads. Now, I received many messages about just making digital badges instead of hand made ones. I do agree, because digital achievement badges are faster to make and can be shared multiple ways instead of just a handoff with a physical badge made with beads or from a 3D printer. However, there is something magical about handing a badge to a teacher. I talk about spreading rapport with teacher and students and I was able to do with my badges.

H is for Hourglass

Many times when a student or teacher achieves a badge, it can motivate a student to try to reach that same level of achievement, but many times it can make a fellow student jealous. I should know, I was one of those kids who swung both ways in grade school when a classmate would get a ribbon or had solved a dungeon puzzle faster in Legend of Zelda. I discovered that awarding the achievement badge to the teacher spreads amazing rapport and inspires the class. One of the first badges I awarded was an Hourglass of Rapport to my 2nd grade teacher. She achieved this badge due to the fact she not only makes great use of time, but also spreads rapport with her students to achieve and put 110% in everything. Many students asked how they get that type of badge and she explained they have to make better use of their time and that a digital one might be showing up in their Edmodo accounts. So far, we have had only two go out, but the students are working to make better use of time and not excuses.

Pigeon Badge Achieved.

On the opposite end, I awarded the Don’t Let the Pigeon Badge to one of our kindergarten teachers. First of all, I never seen someone like that so overjoyed to the fact that one of the students asked if she was all right. However, it has lead to some activities that we will be using with Pigeon from: “Don’t let the Pigeon drive a GTO” to: “Don’t do this in the classroom.” The reason why the badge was achieved by this teacher is because she doesn’t let anyone fall behind, including herself with excuses. She always finds a way and can also ask for help when she needs to.

The use of badges is not a way to show that someone is better than someone else, its a type of skill that has been achieved and how it can impact others around them to inspire them to reach the next level instead of beating their score. You don’t have to do physical, you have digital and even simple coding can create achievement badges. Its a great way to Build Rapport in your school because you will always inspire with it.


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