Blackout Poetry Gamification

This Friday, I am introducing students to Blackout Poetry. Blackout Poetry is when a person rearranges words to create a different meaning. Also known as newspaper blackout poetry, the author uses a permanent marker to cross out or eliminate whatever words or images he sees as unnecessary or irrelevant to the effect he’s seeking to create. The central idea is to devise a completely new text from previously published words and images, which the reader is free to interpret as he wishes. I started working on a digital version of this last year using Apps like Skitch, Pic Collage, Google Drawings and more for my students to create Blackout Poetry from newspaper articles they either took pictures or used Pocket and then put them together in Book Creator.

I decided to add a little Gamification to it with creation XP points and badges and a little bit of Social Networking. Using the App, Tweetroot,  I am taking the most words associated with hashtags, in this case Star Wars. Students will take screen shots and then using the text feature to blackout the words not needed. While there is a limited to 30 image/text placements. I want students to focus on one section of words that really catches their eyes and then crop out that section before blacking it out to make their poetry. Once completed, they will add stickers to the poetry and then upload it to Edmodo. Completion will earn the Blackout Poetry Badge we have created and will earn 15 Creation Points of XP we will be using later on in the semester. I will post results on an Adobe Slate next week.



3 thoughts on “Blackout Poetry Gamification

  1. Blackout Poety is also called Found Poems (or the results are). Saw your reference to this article on Twitter and thought it look interesting… and it is. I love the idea of gamifying your Black Out Poetry activity.

  2. interesting use of tweetroot 🙂
    and great to see someone using blackout as a teaching tool.

    I’m on the team behind Blackout Bard, we love blackout and wanted to figure out a way to bring it to mobiles, the app is available on both ios and android.. but we keep adding new features as and when we think of them.

    please do have a look!

    for Android –

    for IOS –

    Do can send us any thoughts/feedback via mail or socialmedia

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