Digital Badges in your Digital Classroom


Hi everyone,

Just a quick lesson today on how you can create Digital Badges for your Classroom. For those of you unfamiliar with the badges concept, they are awards that you can give your students to support their scholastic efforts, achievements, and really anything else you’d like to reinforce. They are a great way to make everyday tasks more fun.


  1. Click the “Progress” icon progress.pngon the top toolbar.
  2. Click “My Student Badges.”
  3. Click the box under “My Student Badges.”
  4. Provide a Badge Title for the Badge and a description, then click the “Upload button” to provide an image for the Badge.
  5. Your image should be 114 x 114 pixels or it will be automatically resized to fit into this standard Badge size.
  6. If you want to share this Badge with other teachers who can award it to their students, check the box next to “Share this Badge with other teachers.”
  7. Click the “Create Badge” button.
  8. Click “Done.”


To start using badges, navigate to your Gradebook, Personal Resources, or Group Resources. Badges in the Resource Center are treated as any other resource that can be created, edited, and shared with your peers. For the purposes of this overview, we’ll focus on badges in the Gradebook because the process is slightly different.

When you navigate to your Gradebook, you may notice a dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the page labeled Grades. Selecting this will allow you to switch to the Badges view of your Gradebook. This is where you can award your students badges that they will see on their Profile page.

Google Classroom

You can create Digital Badges with Google Drawings for Google Classroom. The every so amazing Alice Keeler has a full blog post on it here.

For more, check out the spectacular Kasey Bell at Shake Up Learning for 5 Awesome Resources to Create Digital Badges.


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