Scoot the Emoji

Welcome back to school everyone! To kick off our return to the classroom after winter break I have decided to to do a full month of eXPlore like a Pirate lessons and projects. Since June of 2014, I have been loving the Teach like a Pirate books from Dave Burgess, Paul, Solarz and now Michael  Matera. EXPlore like a Pirate brings Gamification to your school and classroom and as many of you know, I’m a big fan and user of Gamification. So, to start things off right for 2016, I’m going to bring in an awesome game of, Scoot to your classroom. What is Scoot you might ask? Scoot is a game usually played with a set of task cards, each with a question on it, that are placed on student desks.  Students answer one question at each then move to the next seat when the teacher calls out: “Scoot.”  You can even give students blank paper or whiteboards and have them write questions or have them all turn to the same page in a workbook and Scoot to complete the page. I did this activity years ago when I was in grade school. We didn’t call it, “Scoot” back then.

A few weeks ago, I was doing my usual searches on Pinterest (Thanks Erin Klein) and I came across this amazing activity using Scoot for iPads by Erin Flanagan and she has created several awesome Scoot lessons for your students on Teachers pay Teachers. What really caught my eye on this was how she had students use sticker emojis for most of her games with Pic Collage since answers can be text, drawings, and even images right from the web. So, I wanted to take these amazing lessons and move them towards the Emoji Classroom. So, here are some awesome ways you can incorporate Scoot into your classroom from iPads to Perler Beads. Yes, I did say Perler Beads.

  1. Take a key from Erin and use Pic Collage for Kids on your iPads to set up questions that can only be answered with emojis. What will students post if a question like: “What if you were given a cat?” as a question and their answers ranged from 😍 because they love cats or 😨 because they are allergic to them. Now, turn it on its head and have an Emoji take up the question instead. An example would be using: 🕵 and then asking students to write an adjective or verb to describe it. Its a lot of fun.
  2. If you have chromebooks a great way is to set up a shared Google Drawing for your questions, but of course many ask: “But how do I set up multiple chromebooks?” Take a page out of my last post about Random HTML. Set up a group of links to each Google Drawing and then have students click on the link and they will be randomly taken to a Google Drawing allowing their chromebooks to be ready for Scoot. You can even use Google Tone or Chirp to send out the links through sound instead of Random HTML.
  3. I mentioned Perler Beads earlier and I’m sure many of you are still scratching your heads on that one. As you know, I am working with two of my teachers to create a STEAM Art Room on Donors Choose, but we don’t stop at just using tech. This is mean to be a non tech version of Scoot similar to using white boards or classic pencil and paper. Set up Perler Beads for students to create their own emojis. The teacher sets up the main circle and depending on the size of the class I would just use a simple set of circles for your beads. Here is a template for them. Now, here is how you make it a Scoot game. Have students take their turn at creating the emoji. You would be surprised what a group of students can create for their classroom playing Scoot the Emoji with Perler Beads. Here is an example below I did with a set of students with Scoot during break.


As you can see, they created the 😍 but one student made one eye blue and another made the pink and then a final one made the open smile read. The previous student before them set up the 😍. This was created during the entire game of Scoot and another eight emojis were created in less than 20 minutes between all of them. I then did the ironing myself to finish them. Sadly, our group picture was lost as a result but all of those students went home wanting to play Scoot with Perler Beads. Its a great Build like a Pirate activity to do with the class where several students worked together to create amazing art.

These are only a handful of ways to use Scoot in your classroom and really start to bring Gamification to your classroom. Please check out Erin Flanagan’s blot and Teachers pay Teachers account for more Scoot templates or email or reply to this post for more. I’ll post a few Scoot activities with my students in the next few weeks. Have fun and start getting your game on with your students.


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