My One Word for 2016 is BUILD


This new year I’m trying the One Word, which is where you pick one word that means the most to you and what it means to you. One Word can be very powerful, it can inspire you and it can drive you and the word I have chosen for 2016 is: BUILD. This word stood out because that’s what I’m doing in 2016. I’m building my dissertation, I’m building my family’s budget, I’m building a new attitude. What some thing that I should choose Rebuild but I’m not rebuilding. I’ve been rebuilding for years, since 2008 to be exact and that is not the word that I feel that is everywhere I turn.

Build is what I’m doing in 2016 and why I’ve come up with the Build like a Pirate model I’m kicking off in February. Build means so much, it means to create, recreate, design, inspire and most of all, do. For 2016 I will Build and I hope your One Word for 2016 will inspire you like my word is inspiring me.


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