Little Free Tech Box


Greetings everyone, in the last few months since I started my position at CICS Jackson. I noticed how our students were lacking in their access to technology outside the school and why we started our STEAM Donors Choose (use Snowflake at check out). What was even more surprising is just how our classroom technology tends to stay within the confines of each classrooms 4 walls. While each classroom has access to chromebooks and iPads. Our various technology we have access to such as Spheros, Ozobots and future Coding Club with Arduino is very limited to the classrooms they are assigned our checked out too.

Over two years ago I became part of the Little Free Library organization, including using Kickstarter to fund my own neighborhood LFL, which has been a large success in my town. I am planning a future project later this semester known as the Little Free Tech Box. Similar to the Little Free Library, but with tech and practicing Digital Citizenship.  The set up is similar to a Little Free Library, it is a housing system but is set inside the school. The access to the lock code is set through Remind on a teacher or TA’s smart device or desktop computer. The teacher will take the tech that is housed in the LFTB and can scan a QR or put in a URL to a Padlet or fellow teacher blog on what the tech does and how it has been used.

Then the teacher comes up with a way to use it in a lesson or classroom project. The only catch is that before they take the tech they have to leave one for another teacher and classroom. This can range from the use of an App to using something like a Raspberry Pi device. Teachers don’t have to really go high tech either. Something similar to using a Pirate Hook with a prop piece can also work or a copy of a great book like The Innovators Mindset for classes to use. The idea is simply to have teacher and students step outside their comfort zone and explore and build with the Little Free Tech Box.

You can design them any way, the one I plan on making will have a USB and power strip charging station for any tech that is stored while waiting to be picked up. This way no device will be out of power when its picked up. I’ll share more once my LFTB is up and running later this spring. I hope this will give you ideas to start building your own.


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