Making it a Merry Christmas for these Classrooms


Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 8.59.48 AM Happy Christmas Eve everyone and I am wishing good spirits and warm cheers this Holiday weekend. The last few years, I and several teaches try and give back to classrooms in need of donation. This year, I was able to donate to four classrooms, all that have been funded before Christmas. Today, Donors Choose is matching donations up to $500 with the code: SNOWFLAKE at checkout. There are two classrooms that half way to their funding goals. A Minion Reasons to be Coding in the Classroom by Mrs. McHone and of course my friend and fellow teacher, Mr. Smetana’s Bringing STEAM to the Art Room.

Both are fantastic projects that while they don’t end until this March and April are fantastic projects I hope everyone will donate to and have them funded in time for the New Year. So, please considering supporting or sharing these two amazing Donors Choose classrooms this Christmas and make their dreams come true.

Thank you again everyone had have a Warm and Merry Holiday.



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