A look to 2016


As many of you have known me over the years, you know that I always do a year in review before Christmas and look towards the next year. I decided this year what were my strengths and weaknesses of 2015 and not a full year in review. So, how did 2015 measure up?


The Bad: The part that sticks out in the bad of 215 was the lost of my job at CLS after over three years. While I along with many others lost our stable positions due to budget reasons (178K in the hole to be exact). I was told the week before the new school year was to begin that I was being let go as of September 11th. Something that put me and my family is a major head spin. My wife has been unemployed for almost two years since the offices she worked for closed and moved back towards Chicago. Money has been a major issue for us. Especially after we lived with my wife’s parents for three years before my job at CLS came along in 2012 and we moved into our own home in 2013. At the end of September, we worried that after waiting and working so hard if we might lose our home. That changed when I took my new job at CICS, but the unemployment did a major number on our budget that we are just starting to get in order.

Which lead me to my second worst part of 2015, which was my attitude. I might not show it, but many did realize that I was having more bad days than good. What happened was that I started getting jealous of others success. This was true, not here in this environment of social media, more in my own backyard. I had family members who were going to events, having extra tickets and saying how they needed extra people to go with them, yet never bothered to talk to Melissa and I. The stupid van that my wife and I bought from her parents has had so many expenses and problems we have sank over $8K, but hey “it’s our problem.” and “that’s life.” was their excuses. You can imagine that didn’t make me feel that great, especially with my side of the family dealing from my stepfather’s constant chronic pain and my cousin going to the hospital twice in the last month. While my stepfather was given a lots of sympathy, my cousin was: “I hope he’ll be ok, but we barely see or talk to him, so oh well.” You can imagine what that made me feel like.

Those problems lead to more problems as I missed out on conferences that I was both invited to and asked to go to, but I couldn’t and my wife’s seizures became more problematic in the last few months since my switching of jobs. I also currently face problems thanks to the state of Illinois for funds to complete my last year of school that will earn my PhD. when I’m so close to being finished after working on this for 5 years. You think I could catch a break where education is concerned. My wife’s Nerium business has seen less success while her peers are getting clients, buying $11K couches and we can barely get three clients. I could go on, but as you can see, the last half of 2015 was one I seriously do not want to relive anytime soon.

The Good: With all of that said, 2015 did bring a lot of positive things my way. The first being my new job at CICS, after basically being told to leave with such short notice and at a time of year when there are almost no positions opened. However, as we know, the power of prayer and constant work pay off and I found a job opening, or it found me. I am very happy with my position at CICS and the staff and I am looking forward to what 2016 will bring us. The next was the Mobile Learning Experience 2015 in Tucson, Arizona back in June. I can’t tell you how amazing it was there, I saw my aunt for the first time in three years. I finally met Tony Vincent, Erin Klein, Wesley Fryer, Felix Jacomino, Adam Bellow, Tim Rylands and more face to face. It was such an amazing experience from the learning to all around fun it was one of the big highlights of 2015 for me.

Another was my son, Tyler finally being allowed to be himself. Many don’t know, but my son had sensory issues, not along autism or anything but do to his over energetic nature (from me) and his not wanting to be around larger crowds (Melissa) his former teacher who had worked with Special Ed for many years thought he had problems. Well, after going two three specialists including his own doctor. They all said the same thing: “he’s fine.” Yet, that was good for a few family members who kept thinking he had issues because my wife has had epilepsy for over 30 years. So, he must have something wrong with him. Well, after the entire school staff told these family members he was fine and weren’t worried. They finally STOPPED.

The stress that caused Melissa and I was to the point, where it felt like our family members (I won’t mention names) wanted to have something wrong with Tyler since Melissa had problems and I apparently was not wanting to face the truth because after 3 doctors saying it, it still wasn’t true. So, to finally move on after over a year of dealing with this does bring my mind to ease.

There isn’t much more to really highlight outside still having a home, a family and my health going out of 2015. I do hope that 2016 will bring more successes than stress, but who knows. You can’t predict the future, but I will say that for 2016, I do intend to be less jealous of other’s successes and more happy with my own.


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