iBeacon Snap Hunt


Starting in January, I am going to be creating a few lessons and projects that will work with your classroom with the Explore like a Pirate by Micheal Matera. I decided to kick off a run way to create a scavenger hunt using a classroom Snapchat Account an iBeacon. iBeacons are becoming more common in classrooms. They are small devices that iPad devices can home in on. As the person moves towards the location the iPad will activate through an iBeacon App and display a message, movie, ect. In this case, students are partnered up by two. The teacher will create their own type of treasure hunt map (I used Assembly to make mine). The teams are given snap shots of clues and students must figure out those clues and start in the direction of their maps. Once they get close enough, the iBeacons will activate leading the teams to the final location.

From there, teams will Snap chat back to the teacher to see they have completed the activity and be given the next clue. This continues on until the first team reaches the treasure. Its a fun activity that gets students outside the four walls of the classroom and since its a classroom Snap Chat, it keeps student privacy as well. Give it a try today and Explore like a Pirate.






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