Confessions from an Author


If you read my previous post, I talked about three great books to add to your classroom with: Explore Like a Pirate, The Zen Teacher and The Innovator’s Mindset. As many of you know, I wrote two books myself, My Life as a Comic Book Reader. A self-autobiography and Small Hope, a children’s story about a small visitor from another world who brings hope back to a family. Much like the three books I mentioned by Michael Matera, Dan Tricarico and George Couros, my two books were created through experience. My Life as a Comic Book Reader was about my life and how comics played a very large part of it and Small Hope was about my former guinea pig, S’more and how he helped me through some horrible times and made me believe in better days ahead. 

I get asked many times why I went through so much trouble have my books published. Many know that I had to hold kickstarters campaigns for both books, not once but twice for each of them to become a reality. I keep being told they aren’t going to make me rich, they aren’t on anyone’s must read list and they only relate to a small audience. So, why did I go to so much trouble to see them be out in the world? Simple, they were stories that were meant to be told. In 2008, I had everything hit me at once, I had suffered a horrible break up, I was left over 10K in debt, my job was eliminated, I had sold off almost my entire collection of comic books to lower my debt, I had also over three thousand dollars lost on an investment that fell through and then S’more, my guinea pig I mentioned earlier, also died.

It was like a tidal wave hitting me all at once and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to emerge from the water and breathe again. Then something happened in all of that, I started writing both of these stories. My Life as a Comic Book Reader was outlined during the selling of my collection and Small Hope was written the night I lost S’more. I remember the out pouring of thanks when I posted my original outlines on my old Green Lantern blog at the time. So many people were giving their condolences over my loses and telling me there would be better days ahead and they were right. It was later that year, I met my wife, I began my journey to becoming a technology educator and saw for the first time, that there were better days ahead, which is what my books were about.

Something I always am told after someone reads one of my books they say they feel both inspired and empowered after reading them saying: “I’ve been there.” “Thanks for showing me, I wasn’t alone.” Which is why I wrote the books. It wasn’t about being sold out on Amazon or having the most downloads. It wasn’t about proving I could write or about making money. It was about the story. Stories about hope and inspiration. Knowing that we can rebuild and move on when our world has been shattered and when we are not sure where to pick up the pieces and start over. The books were about people who could be you or I and could happen to us at any time in our lives. Its about believing in ourselves and knowing that the sun come up tomorrow.

I look at My Life and Small Hope every day on my book shelf and know that thanks to many of you out there that these books were made possible and I will always be thankful that you made one author’s dream come true. Thank you for believing in me.


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