Hour of Code Week Wrap UP


The Hour of Code has been an incredible week for my teachers and students this week. I have seen such amazing coding, innovation, creativity, invention and most of all fun with everyone involved. I have to say for my first year running Hour of Code in an entire school has been some of the most rewarding experiences I have had in the last couple of years. I have my students wondering when Ollie and the Sphero Group or any Ozobots or Parrot drones will be in the classroom again with regular lessons. Sad to say, we might be waiting a while, next week we return Ollie and friends to the Tech Wizards Club for the time being. While we will continue drawing and coding programs for the rest of the school years. In order for us to bring Ollie and friends to our classrooms on a regular basis and open us up to more bots like Bee-bots, Dash & Dot and using Tickle on a regular basis is going to depend on our Donors Choose getting funded faster.

We have already completed the first $100, but we are still over $985 from reaching out funding goal by March 23, 2016. While still three months away, we want to bring our drones into our #STEAM art room a lot sooner and branch it off to the rest of the classrooms. I don’t know who is more excited, my students or my teachers. If you haven’t shared the URL here it is: http://goo.gl/RUvc5f. You can also look on my Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Facebook accounts. My friend and fellow teacher, Peter Smetana really wants to transform his art room along with our instructional coach, Joesph Sloan. We are very passionate about this STEAM art room and we want it for our students. They are heading into a world where STEAM and STEM will be a large part of their lives and they unfortunately do not have access to it outside out school walls. The Hour of Code has meant a lot more to us this week because it gives a glimpse of what we want our classrooms to be. Its what we want to give to our students and what we want to see our school transform into.


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