Hour of Code Sphero App Dice Rolls



As we complete the Hour of Code today, I wanted to share my students’ Sphero app ice rolls. As you know, App Dice have Apps or online resources on each end. You then roll the dice and create an App Smash with the Apps that show up on top to create a lesson or project. In this case, my students had my Double App Dice (mini die inside larger one) on the ground. They then programed the Sphero or Ollie to hit and roll the the die and see the two Apps that came up on top. Below are the App Smashes that I created for my various teachers with them.

1.Explain Everything/Padlet Sphero/Ollie Ramp Jump Math Lesson

2. The Sphero Google Classroom Smash


3. Sketchnotes/Popplet STEAM Creation with Sphero

IMG_0320This next App Dice Roll was Paper by 53 and Popplet. I decided to create a Thinking Map on what you could create in a STEAM art classroom. Which is also an advocate to our Donors Choose we are currently trying to get funded before Christmas. I used my sketchnotes for Hour of Code and imputted them in each Popplet and connected them with a Mind Map in how to create Art through Coding.

4. Touchcast/Stick Around Ozobot Lesson

I made this simple intro tutorial for my students learning about how to code Ozobots.

5. Stick Around Infopic Coding Puzzle


This Stick Around Puzzle was created to teach students how each color code effects how their Ozobot works. I used the App Over for larger text along with Emojis. I made a similar war for Tickle too.


6. Sketchnotes and Pic Collage


Simple creation of a Infopic using my Hour of Code sketchnotes along with Pic Collage to show how you can use Code with a Sphero Ollie.

7. Tickle Infopic


Simple Infopic on how the Tickle App dashboard is set up.


8. Educlipper with Over

I clipped my Infopics on the Hour of Code and added them to my Educlipper boards for other teachers and educators to use.


9. Exit Ticket Kahoot

Pretty simple exit ticket for students on what they learned about the Hour of Code this week.


Those were the Nine that were created from our Sphero App Dice rolls. I hope you enjoy all of them and will find a way to use them in your classroom.




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