Hour of Code Day 2

Day Tow of The Hour of Code has come and gone. For the second day, we were in the early elementary more so we went with our good buddy, Olaf for the Hour of Code. Students had to create their code either through: Sphero SPRK, Tickle or Draw & Drive to circle around Olaf in an obstacle course that the students created. The ones who came closes to not hitting Olaf and creating a full geometric shape in various colors were the winners during the Hour. We also completed exercises at Hour of Code through the main Frozen tutorial. The plan was for students to see how Math fits into using code as they tried to create the various snowflakes and other geometric shapes.

The students loved every minute of it and couldn’t get enough and want to continue working with Sphero in class. As I have said before, we want this to happen but we are still $1,030 from our Donors Choose from being funded. Please support or RT and Share the URL as much as you can. I believe we can get this funded before Christmas.



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