Ozobot in the Classroom

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.21.14 PM

I’ve been talking about Spheros and Parrot drones a lot but there is one type of bot you should be trying in your classroom, the Ozobot. The small little bot is great for not only teaching your students code but also innovation. Ozobot can be programmed though any desktop or mobile tablet device that allows wi-fi or bluetooth features. You can code it to move to lines and color code on paper or even draw eraser board. Imagine coding with using a color marker to have this little bot, move and dance to by just following a simple line or coding it to create a story similar to Bee-Bot or Dash and Dot.  Here are some ideas you can try:

  1. Have students create a story by drawing the characters on paper. Have them design the characters according to the color codes of Ozobot to have them move, dance, change color and more as your student narrates the story.
  2. Dice it up, yep you can create dice from templates based on the main Ozobot color sheets and have students roll and and design their Ozobots story.

3. I love you can dress the Ozobots in different designs from animals to monsters. Have a monster or maze race with them and see if students can figure out what paths to place the Ozobots on so they can escape the mazes faster.

4. I had a chance to do this a few weeks ago. Design a thank you card for a classroom with the Ozobot. Have the design of the card give a light or dance show to a classroom. You won’t believe how much a classroom or a teacher will smile from a Thank you card that is brought to life with Ozo.

5. Recreate a famous battle, have the Ozobots recreate the Battle of Gettysburg or how the Boston Tea Party happened. You can design the paths along sets and see just how history unfolded in a new and exciting way.


These are only a few examples that I have tried and if you want to see more, check out the Educator section of the main Ozobot website.


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