Hour of Code Day 1

It’s the Hour of Code all this week and we kicked thinks off with Grades 3-4 today. The plan was to give a nice hybrid model of different tools to code in different ways. I love my students building on what they learn in an earlier lesson and then applying it to their next lesson. We went along with the Star Wars Hour of Code tutorial from hourofcode.com Students learned to build their coding blocks or write out java script to move BB-8 and R2D2 in their missions on chromebook. From there, I had students move on using the App, Tickle to code the Spheros we are currently borrowing from our local tech club. We even had one constantly rolling an App Dice (Apps are: Touchcast, Stick Around and Google Classroom). Sadly, we only had two today as the other ones and our Ollie were having other work done to them and wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow.

The students decided to create their own obstacle courses or find a way for a Sphero to be a typical student on a regular Monday. They also did some style moves through the main Sphero and Sphero SPRK Apps and Draw & Drive. I will share one video of a Sphero changing to Christmas colors as it seeks out one of the teachers to wish them a: “Merry Christmas.” My students wanted to do more but since we only have these Spheros for a limited time. We really need to kick our Donors Choose into high gear so we can make this a regular part of their learning and creation. That’s it for today, I will share Day 2 and an Ozobot lesson tomorrow.


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