App Smash Word Cloud with Ollie



With Hour of Code next week, I thought I would show some more of my STEAM work you can do with your students. This one is great because you can Code, App Smash and use the “A” in STEAM (Art).

  1. Using Draw & Drive with Sphero, create an amazing drawing of colors for your Sphero. This can be a house, animal, shape, ect. The idea is to use different movements and color patterns so your Sphero (Ollie) will change colors as it moves on its paths. Also set your speed to 80%
  2. Take photos, I highly recommend burst shots as you can get some great color movement shots and either choose your favorite or string them together.
  3. Then use a Word Cloud creation Application (I used WordFoto on iPad) create your art piece.

This promotes all the letters of STEAM, especially Art. Give it a try today. Below is the one I did for our science fair this week.


We want to really expand STEAM into our art room and through out our school. Please also considering supporting our Donors Choose to bring STEAM to our Students. Use the code word: “CLASSROOM12” or “SPARK” and your donation will be matched. Thanks again and be sure to check out more Coding in the Classroom all in the month of December.


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