Crowdfunding and Education


Happy Friday Everyone,

Do I have an interesting topic for you today, Crowdfunding. Yes, as we know we have big ideas and ways to teach them but sadly things come down to the B word. Budget. In the last five years, websites such as: Kickstarter, GoFund Me, Donor’s Choose and Patreon have become a major factor in seeing projects from the Makey Makey to Reading Rainbow become a reality. My two books, My Life as a Comic Book Reader and Small Hope would not have been possible without the generosity of those who believe in crowdfunding. Crowdfunding isn’t really that new, I remember back in grade school where my fifth grade teacher had a bake sale to raise funds for a new computer program for our media center. A whopping $45 dollars back in the late 80s, but she believed the program would be more than beneficial for the school and she proved to be right. The program was used for a good four years, even after she had left the school. Classrooms and teachers have used various means to raise funds for projects or equipment for their students or schools. Now, with so much out there from mobile devices to maker spaces, classrooms are looking for ways to buy these devices for their classrooms and while some districts and schools might have problems with programs like GoFund Me or Donor’s Choose, they are a great way to aide your in your goals for education.

Even better, you can support other classrooms in their dreams and goals with Crowdfunding. Just recently I donated to Derek Muller’s Snatoms on Kickstarter because I believe in his project for science and education. I was only able to donate a few dollars but I see the benefit of Snatoms in both the educational world and home life for students. One of my teachers did a Donor’s Choose last year for transforming her classroom into 21st century learners using iPad minis and a set of high priced Apps that the students have built on for their classroom use for over the last year. In this day of shrinking budget, testing requirements and expanding technology, Crowdfunding has become a major option for educators and classrooms. Not everyone is going to find the answers to their classroom budgets through Crowdfunding and 15% of all Crowdfunding are not successful. However, for many they are a real option and one you can look into for your classroom or support others in their dreams of having students create and learn.


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