The Dream Wall Project


Above is my digital Dream Wall, what is a Dream Wall. The Dream Wall is a wall that displays pictures, words, ect of our dreams we want to achieve. These can range from wanting to go to college to attending a convention. The point is, we all have dreams and as we get older, many do get lost or we stop thinking of what we would love to achieve one day. You can make a Dream Wall for your classroom in a number of ways.

1. 618886_largerLike me you can create a Padlet. Padlet is a blank canvas to create beautiful projects that are easy to share and collaborate on. It works like a piece of paper. We give you an empty page and you can put whatever you want on it. Drag in a video, record an interview, add some images and document files, write your own text posts, and voilà! A wall is born. Make it even more beautiful by choosing custom wallpapers and themes.

2. 151636_largerPopplet is another one you can use. Popplet is great for school and for learning in the classroom and at home. Students use Popplet to think and learn visually. By capturing facts, thoughts, and images, students learn to create relationships between them and generate new ideas. Students can create their Dream Walls and then save or share them as a JPG or repost them on their blogs or Padlets.

3. 433730_largerAdobe Slate is a great way to create a Dream Wall. Slate lets you turn your next newsletter, report, invitation or travel adventure into a gorgeous visual story that delights readers on any device. Simply tap to select a unique look — beautiful fonts, color and magazine-style design are automatically incorporated. Fluid movement and elegant motion are applied instantly. Share your Slate story link anywhere and is also on desktop too. Its free to sign up.

4. 478102_largerNot all Dream Walls have to be a wall, you can create presentations using Google Slides, PowerPoint, Sway or Keynote. Create new presentations or edit any that were created on the web or on another device. Share presentations and work together with others in the same presentation at the same time. our creations look engaging and inspiring on any device. Whether your audience is using a phone, tablet, computer, or large screen.

5. 258418_largerYou can also create broadcasts about your Dream Wall, like with Touchcast. Annotate anything easily and quickly with TouchCast Studio. Add webpages, files, images, videos… nearly anything! Then record and share across the web. Communicate confidently: TouchCast Studio lets you easily add visuals to your video, mark them up with the whiteboard and explain things with ease like never before. When viewers watch, they can interact with the stuff in the video — like explore the webpage or download the file. A touchcast is a video that is fully browsable, responsive, and alive.

These a few examples about how you can make a Dream Wall for your students and have them start reaching for the stars. Remember, if you can believe, you can achieve.


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